"I was the first person in my family to graduate from college and opened my own business after graduating. My family embodies the American Dream and its twin pillars of hard work and freedom. Through my public service, I fight to protect this dream for my own children and future generations to enjoy."

Will Conley

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About Will

Will Conley was first elected Hays County Commissioner in 2004. As Commissioner, Will has been instrumental in finding cost-effective transportation solutions and securing millions of dollars to improve safety and traffic flow on Hays County roads. He has worked hard to make Hays County a national leader in job growth, bringing more than 10,000 new jobs to the county. Read more about Commissioner Conley...

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It is imperative in one of the fastest-growing corridors in America that we work with our neighbors to build on our quality of life. As your next County Judge, I plan to build off my experience and knowledge to continue to improve Hays County. I would like to thank Commissioner Kevin Wolff, Secretary Hope Andrade, Mr. Red McCombs, Commissioner Mike Novak, and other leaders in San Antonio for their continued support as we work together towards a brighter future.

I made a quick, but productive trip to Washington, D.C along side the Austin Chamber delegation, and other Central Texas leaders and business makers including: GSMP President, Adriana Cruz, San Marcos Chamber President, Jason Mock, and Kyle Economic Development Director, Diana Blank-Torres. As Chair of CAMPO, my knowledge on the issues facing Hays County and our region in terms of transportation and mobility proved beneficial to our agenda. Cross regional partnerships will be vital to ensuring Hays County not only remain great, but become exceptional.

Jacobs Well Hays County Info

Did you know that right now the water flowing from Jacob's Well is emerging at a rate of about 2.14 cubic feet (or about 16 gallons) per second?? That totals up to a whopping 1,382,400 gallons of water per day! This number fluctuates throughout the year due several factors, including rainfall and groundwater use, and has even dropped down to 0 several times. You can check on the flow rate of Jacob's Well at any time by visiting the U.S. Geologic Survey's National Water Information System

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