Will Conley


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Dear Friends,

The Wimberley Valley is a beautiful and unique place to call home. When Erin and I decided to start our family, we chose Wimberley for its charm, strong sense of community and shared values. We cannot imagine a better place to raise our children.

Our school district shares in this heritage—built up over the years through the hard work and dedication of our community leaders, teachers, volunteers, administrators, and elected trustees. Our local public schools are the nucleus of our community—a common ground that brings us all together to support future generations of Texans.

I believe it is our responsibility to be faithful stewards of our community and its schools. Just as they have been passed down to my family as a great place for our children to grow and learn, we need to build on that tradition of excellence. Our schools need to remain a safe and structured place in which our children have ample opportunities to learn and succeed in life.

This is why, after a great deal of thought and reflection, I decided to file for the open seat on the Wimberley ISD Board of Trustees, Place 4.

As a father, I have grown increasingly concerned about the world into which our children will enter as adults. On any given day, the newscast may shock or disappoint. I believe this raises the bar for what we as parents, grandparents, and a community must do to prepare our children for a successful life ahead. It is our responsibility to provide our children with a strong foundation of character, responsibility, ingenuity, and knowledge. I am grateful for our teachers, school staff, and those who volunteer their time to serve the students of the Wimberley ISD, and I want to do my part to help our district fulfill its mission of educational excellence.

Our school board is responsible for managing a large taxpayer-funded budget and providing the support that our teachers and administrators need for their entrusted responsibility of teaching our kids. For years, I have worked actively in this community to solve problems and build consensus on projects to improve the quality of life in our community. As a four-term County Commissioner, I worked hand in hand with other community leaders to keep our county fiscally sound while maintaining a high level of essential services in our precinct. Now, I want to put this experience to work for my three children, their fellow students, and our entire school community.

On November 5th’s election, I ask for your vote for the very important role of serving on the Wimberley ISD School Board. As a parent, I want the best for my kids. As a proud member of the Wimberley community, preserving our district’s educational heritage would be both an honor and great responsibility.

This election is important. Please take a stand with me to preserve our values and stand up for the students and families of the Wimberley Valley.


Will Conley

P.S. Unfortunately, voter turnout for school board elections is often very low, so your vote matters now more than ever! Please turn in your application to vote today and take a stand for our values and our kids in this election!