· Transportation—Negotiated a partnership agreement with state officials that resulted in a $133 million investment in new and improved Hays County roads.

· Transportation—Implemented a long-range plan for Hays County transportation including the construction of new traffic corridors, new overpasses and bypasses, and improvements designed to streamline traffic flow.

· Economic Development—Advanced pro-jobs policies of low taxes, infrastructure upgrades, and regulatory efficiency that led to the third highest rate of job growth in the nation according to CNN Money.

· Economic Development—Attracted new businesses to Hays County, including a new medical center, major convention center, biomedical research and high-wage industry.

· Lower Taxes and Spending—Never voted for a tax increase. When a majority of Democratic commissioners voted to raise property taxes, Commissioner Conley identified $1.5 million in spending cuts to eliminate the need for new revenue without affecting citizen services. (See 9/24/2009 editorial)

· Lower Taxes and Spending—Doubled the homestead exemption for senior citizens and created a homestead exemption for disabled citizens on fixed incomes. In its first year, the Conley homestead exemptions saved an average of 14% for seniors and 25% for disabled citizens on their county property tax bills.

· Lower Taxes and Spending—Commissioner Conley’s disciplined financial leadership has tripled Hays County’s savings account from $10 million to $30 million and improved the county’s bond rating from B-plus to AA-plus, placing the county on its strongest financial footing in recent history.

· Private Property Rights—Authored and passed a resolution to restrict the county’s use of eminent domain and safeguard private property rights. Following the Kelo v. New London Supreme Court decision, which held that local governments could exercise broad discretion in the use of eminent domain, the Conley resolution was one of the first in the nation to voluntarily restrict the use of eminent domain powers by a local government.

· Second Amendment Rights—Leading a partnership effort to establish Hays County’s first shooting range, providing residents with a local option for personal protection and firearm safety courses, and area law enforcement with a local training center.

· Second Amendment Rights—Voted against a county regulation designed to restrict the personal use of firearms on one’s own land.

· Public Safety—Spearheading a major renovation of emergency communications that will bring all law enforcement and fire departments together with a state-of-the-art central command center.

· Public Safety—Secured a state grant to develop a new, high-tech warning system for dangerous low water crossings.

· Law Enforcement—Provided bulletproof vests to local law enforcement, giving officers the tools and support they deserve.

· Law Enforcement—Forged a partnership agreement between county law enforcement and local school districts to provide resource officers for school campuses.

· Law Enforcement—Led the effort to give competitive pay to Hays County sheriff’s deputies, enabling the county to retain highly skilled officers and better compete for top recruits.

· Veteran Services—Chairs the Hays County Veteran Affairs Committee, working to improve access and transportation to medical appointments and other services for area veterans.

· Conservation—Pioneered a conservative approach to land and natural resource conservation rooted in the local community, not federal regulation. Through voluntarism, partnerships, grants, and land trusts, Commissioner Conley’s conservation leadership is preserving cherished water sources and natural treasures in San Marcos and the Wimberley Valley for future generations to enjoy.

Regional Leadership

· Capitol Area Council of Governments, Past Chairman

· Capitol Area Regional Transportation Planning Organization, Immediate Past Chairman

· Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chair

· Capitol Area Economic Development District – Board Member

· South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group, Region L Representative

· Lone Star Rail District (LSTAR), Board of Directors

· Greater San Marcos Partnership - Economic Development Council, Past Chairman

· Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, former Commissioner (gubernatorial appointee)

· Hays County Judicial Justice Committee, Chairman

· Hays County Veteran’s Committee, Chairman

· Hays County Food Bank, Executive Board Member

Pd Pol. Adv by the Will Conley Campaign