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"I am proud to enthusiastically support my friend Will Conley for Hays County Judge. Will is a true conservative whose dedication to his community knows no bounds. As a small business owner, Will knows what it takes to create jobs and strengthen the economy. That’s just what he’s done for Hays County as commissioner and what he’ll continue to do as judge.

I’ve had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with Will and have witnessed firsthand his leadership and dedication during our county’s most challenging times. As Commissioner, Will has helped lead the county to recovery like no one else could have done. Will is a fighter and a leader whose conservative principles have helped lead Hays county to historic prosperity and he’s a steady hand who’s tireless efforts and unwavering love for this community shown brightest when we needed him the most.

Hays County might just be the best place in Texas to live, grow up and raise a family. But to keep it that way we’ve all got to be involved and we need people like Will Conley working for us. That’s why, in this unprecedented time in our history, when more than ever we need strong conservative leadership, I think it’s important to elect Will Conley as Hays County Judge." - Congressman Roger Williams

2018 Endorsments

"He is a true conservative servant leader. He is incredibly intelligent and a courageous fighter for all residents of Hays County. " -Byron & Christie Pogue

"Will has been steady at the wheel for many years here in Hays County. I like his consistency and dependability and he experience he has been alble to garner while serving Hays County. I believe we should make use of those positive attributes and support Will as he pursues the County Judge position. I believe he will do a good job." -Tracey Dean

"He has years of experience and has been responsible for spending the county's money wisely " -Judge Terry Julian (and wife, Leona)

"Will has been a dedicated public servant for many years and has certainly earned the opportunity to be County Judge" -Bucky Couch

"Commissioner Conley has always been there for us in Kyle. He has always supported things important for proper planning and transportation in Kyle. I tell people that without his support there would not be a 1626 which opened up retail in Kyle and allowed us to attract Seton Hospital to our city. That was a long time ago but Will we have not forgotten and will support you for Hays County Judge!" -David Wilson

"Best roommate ever!" -Mike Lateur

"I support Will because of his record as a Commissioner. He listens to the concerns of his constituents and gives honest answers. With his years of experience, I think he will make a great judge!" -David Morales

"Will has consistently been available when issues have arisen related to both my professional interests and personal ones as well. His leadership related to the long-range transportation and water needs of our area has been especially impactful." -Marsha Acock

"I don't believe that he is part of the "swamp problem", -Fred Sanders

"His grasp of the complex issues facing the area. His approachability and friendliness. His responses after our Memorial Day flood and Halloween flood. His demonstrated competence in administration." -Frank Walker

"Honesty, Integrity and forward thinking." -Madonna Kimball

"He is a Conservative Republican who advocates law and order and job growth." -Joe Burris

"Support of Capes dam preservation." -John Hardy

"Will gets things done, and that's the best thing you can say about our public servants." -Gary Knight

"Sensible and effective leadership." -Grady Burnette

"As a former Hays Co resident I have watched Will be a servant leader to his constituents over the years. His heart is in the right place and he backs up his promises with action. I trust Will Conley to do what is right in the present and plan for our future " -Michelle Dippel

"Having watched Will Conley as my County Commissioner I have been greatly impressed with his honesty, integrity and concern for his constituents. I am absolutely convinced that he will bring those same character traits to the job as Hays County Judge. He has both my endorsement and my vote." -George Vanderhule

"I am a fiscal conservative and believe Will Conley will be a good steward for our county." -Lynne Morris

"Has a good grasp on the county and its needs." -Mary Clarkson

"Will worked diligently to address the increasing case loads of out courts systems resulting from our booming population. I appreciate his efforts to address the needs of all residents as the County continues to grow at an unprecedented pace." -Daniel O'Brien

"I know him personally and have observed him work diligently for the betterment of our area. This has not been without criticism by some, but Will seems to be able to overcome these critics through diplomacy and positive results in his actions. I believe he will make a very good judge. I am not a fan of Republicans nor their ideology, but, I will still support Will because I believe he wants the best for our county and will work towards accomplishing that goal. So in spite of my left leaning tendencies, I will venture to say......Go Will !!!" -Caroline Duchscher

"As a contractor who has built numerous major infrastructure projects in Hays County I believe Will has consistently shown the leadership and values which align with what's best for Hays County." -Joe Bland

"Will is a true leader, while I may not always agree with him, I know that he has the interest of Hays County at heart. he has always been available to the community and is a true bright light." -David Sergi

"He was instrumental in getting the Fischer Store Road bridge reconstructed in record time following the flood. He and his staff are responsive and communicate clearly the work they are doing on our behalf." -Karen Titkemeyer

"He has always been a supporter of the City of Wimberley." -Tom Haley

"He's conservative and competent." -Jerry Patterson

"His proven experience, in-depth knowledge of the issues affecting Williamson County, and his leadership abilities in the county and the region." -Howard Falkenberg

"I support Will Conley because as a resident of Hays County time and time again I have seen him put the needs of the County before his own and work tirelessly to protect and preserve the things we love about our community." -Joseph Cantalupo

"Will Conley is an honest man who has worked tirelessly for Hays County for the past 13 years. He has a proven track record for representing his constituents, improving roads, bettering our economy, and protecting the environment. During the Wimberley floods, he not only helped victims with their immediate emergency needs, but also continued the difficult work of recovery long afterwards. Repair and rebuilding of roads and bridges that were devastated by the events became one of his top priorities. Will is a man of the people, who always has their best interests at heart and is always willing to listen to their concerns. I can think of no other person more perfectly suited to be the next Hays County Judge." -Melinda Habingreither

"Will has the experience and knowledge to conservatively manage the county. With all the growth Hays County has had in the past and will have in the next ten years we need someone that understands the dynamics our Hays County. Will Conley is the best person for County Judge." -Brian McAuliffe

"He's done an excellent job as Commissioner, will do the same as Judge. He understands that growth is inevitable, and that planning doesn't make growth, it helps us avoid the chaos that growth can bring." -Bert Ray

"Will is the best qualified and experienced candidate for the job of Hays County Judge." -James Clements

"Because he has not only been a leader in Hays County but also in the CAMPO six county region where he has proactively help transform the region into a better place." -Ricardo Zamarripa

"Because of his Conservative values combined with forward thinking action!" -Mark Jalufka

"He has always done the most sensible things for our County. He has consistently outworked the rest of the commissioners in finding solutions for the multitude of issues that confront Hays County." -Bill Taylor

"As a youth leader in Hays County for the past 20 years I have observed Will Conley support the Hays County 4-H program including the Hays County 4H Adult Leaders Association, the Hays County livestock Show, and Wimberley 4H. Will Conley actively and financially supported these programs on a regular basis. He has always gone above and beyond for the youth of Hays County and beyond. I believe he will help us grow into the future while keeping the heritage of our County in his decisions. I believe he a very fair and just man with a high standard of morals and excellent character. I feel very confident that Will Conley will be the best choice for our new county judge!" -Kim McGee

"He did a great job as county commissioner and I expect the same as county judge!" -Carol Short

"Will has been my County Commissioner since 2004 and he's done a great job helping our county grow in a fiscally conservative manner with lower taxes, his work on CAPCOG has resulted in a much improved transportation infrastructure throughout the county, he is a good family man and has the experience we need to be our next County Judge." -Wayne Becak

"I support his views and highly respect his integrity and work ethic." -Scott Hamby

"Always have, always Will! Honest guy!" -David Stringfellow

"In perhaps the most cynical political era of modern times, when fantasy passes for policy strategy and inaction and gridlock seem preferable to working across party lines to ensure that constituents are cared for, Will Conley is a beacon for Hays county and a role model for those in Austin and Washington. His honest, roll-up-your-sleeves hard work, and practical approach to the business of governing is refreshing and I can think of no better candidate for Judge. As a property owner and taxpayer in Hays County, I support Will Conley for County Judge." -Ryan Bragg

"Since being elected as District 3 Commissioner Mr. Conley has done an "Outstanding Job" for Hays County both in times of emergency and rebuilding the infrastructure. We have seen new Volunteer Fire Stations built as well as bridges, roads and maintenance programs to help people travel around and through our area. He has proven his ability to work with all State, County and City personnel to get what is needed for his constituents to have a great quality of life. I plan to vote for Will Conley for County Judge because he has a vision of what is needed in Hays county, and the leadership to get it done." -David Adams

"Will has shown consistent vision and leadership in insuring that Hays County has the needed infrastructure to serve our citizens as we experience unprecedented growth. That vision will continue to allow the county to respond to growth while providing our citizens a superior quality of life." -John Fowler

"He has done a great job as commissioner. " -Jeff Vasgaard

"Will is a former student and has been an outstanding county commissioner." -Ted Hindson

"I support will Conley because I believe he did a great job as county commissioner and think he would make a great judge. He has worked in the area for a while and knows it well." -Holly Cantalupo

"Good, honest businessman." -John Lewis

"Will has a record of getting jobs done for Hays county. I'm sure he will continue as Judge. He has my support. " -John Czop

"Mr Conley is a forward thinker and planner for hays county . He and his staff have been very timely in their support of our community ( summer mountain ranch ) regarding safety for the residents and maintenance of the roads and right always ." -Larry Bruestle

"Will Conley represents citizens, not party members. His work ethic is tremendous, and he is always approachable. He will make a great judge of Hays County. Joan Jernigan, Ph.D." -Joan Jwenigan

"For nearly 14 years Will has served our community and county well as Pct 3 Commissioner. His leadership and energy have been an important part of the success of Hays County and Wimberley Valley in those years of unprecedented growth. I am confident he will continue to provide that energy and dedication as Hays County Judge." -Ken Roberts

"I appreciate the leadership Will has given Hays County over the last decade. He has been leading the efforts to ensure the County's transportation system keeps in pace with growth and leveraging County dollars with state and federal funds." -Linda Huff

"Will has demonstrated leadership, integrity, and conservative values while serving as Commissioner for Hays County and his experience will be invaluable as Hays County faces the challenges of the future." -Trudy Hayter

"I've known Will for many years. He has a wonderful family and is well loved in our community." -Molly Wendt

"He has done a great job as commissioner and deserves the judgeship." -Bill Yager

"I have known Will since his first term as County Commissioner. Will is consistent, reliable and responsive to his constituents. Will is true to the Republican party as well." -Erin Banks

"I am supporting Will after working closely with him for 3 years on the extremely successful 150 Master Plan. He was absolutely open and adaptable to considering and then weaving in citizens new ideas into the Master Plan. I found his office door was always open to the citizens coming into discuss 150 issues. I watched, somewhat astounded, as he willingly and at times significantly changed core proposals on the original proposed plan to meet the future needs and wants of the Onion Creek Valley citizens to maintain their quality of life. This was government as our founding fathers intended." -Casey Cutler

"Will, I know you will be our next County Judge.. I believed in you when you entered politics as our Commissioner as a.young person. You have proven to be one who cares about our County and City. -Jean and Bob Mooney

"I support Will because I've worked with him for ten years and I've always admired his integrity, intelligence and ability to get things done. He has the traits I'd wish for in every elected official." -John Langmore

"Mr.Conley has strong leadership skills. In his years as a commissioner he consistently put his heart and soul into improving the Hays County community. He is willing to make those tough decisions that a leader must make to improve our community. He's ambitious and a progressive thinker and leader. I note that he has strived to educate our community about present and future needs within our community. He is a proven leader. And he has eloquence, l support his election to this key role in our communities." -Mary Earls

"Will has done a fantastic job as Pct 3 Commissioner for nearly 14 years! He has a proven record of service and support that we need at the county level." -Ken & Barbara Roberts

"Will Conley seems to find ways to cope with the County's problems with economics and people in mind. He has quietly gone about upgrading Precinct 3 in a way that probably saved money instead of the upgrades costing us tax dollars. And what is also so important with courts and government houses that have multiple positions at the same level, he appears to get along with his peers and able to get things done for the County." -Rogers Holt

"A man of honesty and integrity." -Tim Fulfer

"Will is a reasonable person and he always works for the best interests of the county." -Chris Winek

"He has done a good job as County Commissioner. I would expect the same as a County Judge!" -Nick Edwards

"Will works hard to help the people. He has outstanding values, and is an asset to our community." -Leeann Johnson

"As a governmental attorney, I do not typically get involved in local political races. I am not a citizen of Hays County so will not be able to vote for Will. With that said, I was there in the beginning of Will's political career since I served as the first Special Counsel to the Hays County Commissioner Court. I have personally observed Will's determination and dedication to public service. He has become an expert on transportation, economic development, infrastructure, disaster recovery and other issues important to our community. He has earned his right to be the County Judge of Hays County. Most importantly, he has the most awesome life partner who works tirelessly to support him in these endeavors. In a time when our country is so divided, I hope Hays County can come together to bipartisanly support Will." -Jacque Cullom

"I trust Will to continue working for us in the capacity of County Judge as conscientiously and effectively as he did as our Commissioner. I value him as a public servant and as a friend." -Julia Ramsay New

"I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Conley. He is a man of honesty and integrity. I am looking forward to having him as our County Judge!" -Judy Seim

"I know Will is the best person for the position. His continued service in this capacity will ensure the quality of leadership Hays County deserves." -Travis Brown

"I worked for his first campaign in 2004 and believe he has been an asset to Hays County. His leadership will help Hays county continue to be a wonderful place to work and play." -Lisa Hunter

"A solid leader and a good man, the future of Hays County will be in the best of hands under his leadership." -Jude Prather

"Will is a proven leader with the experience this county needs." -Walt Smith

"He's personable, has great family values and has given so much time and support to our community. Why wouldn't I support him?" -Jennifer Kyle

"As county Commissioner, Will has a history of successful cooperation with the residents of Hays County. He takes a proactive approach, always looking forward to what is best for the future of Hays county. His leadership with the recent FM150 realignment project is an example of the lengths he will go to in order to work with landowners on the best desires future of our county. I am honored to endorse Will for our county Judge." -Kasey Mock

"I have known him since before he became county commissioner. He is thoughtful and honest and more attuned to solving county problems than national rhetoric of his party." -Bill Cunningham

"Will has been an asset to the Wimberley Valley and has always been a supporter of the Constable Pct.3 Office. Over the years I have been able to go to Will for upgrades that our office needs to survive in these changing times. When I was working the Memorial Day flood of 2015, about 530am in the morning when I was able to walk across the Blanco river bridge Will was waking across it from the opposite side. He stayed in contact day and night with me during both floods of 2015, those days and nights I will never forget. He was the only Commissioner that stood in the mud with us. I will never forget those horrible nights. When the flooding started I called him and informed him of our current situation. He was at a wedding and headed back home before it got serious. I have to stand strong for the people in the Wimberley Valley and I will need a Judge that will support our needs and safety. I believe Will is the man to do it. Spreading his strength that he showed those nights to a County wide position will do Hays County right. We are Wimberley Strong and Proud so let's spread it ! For those of you that know him, you know the leader he is and can be. I have known him for 14 years on a professional level and personal level. Make us proud Will ! My old saying is "Do it right, and Do It Right Now" -Ray Helm

"Because of his past performance as County Commishioner and the hard work he has done for the citizens." -Sandra Potts

"I know him personally for 20+ years. I don't know many people that live their morals and values like he does." -BethAnne Bohan

"He has a long record of solid leadership and making sound choices in helping Hays county as it continues to grow and evolve. His heart and his mind have led many projects that have benefited the community and I truly believe that will continue." -Jenny Bragg

"Prior to moving to Wimberley in early 2016, I lived in San Marcos for 9 years. I kept up with what Will was doing for the county via the San Marcos Record News, and have always been impressed at how much he always has the county's best interest at heart. I met Will last year after moving to Wimberley, learned from him about his family, and was totally impressed with his dedication to them as a Father and Husband. Will is a caring, honest, and dedicated leader who will make a terrific and fair County Judge. who will continue in this capacity, to put Hays County Citizens first." -Cathleen Cranford

"I have know Will and his family for many years; my late husband was very fond of Will and had a lot in common with Will. i know Will will continue to be a great County Judge; he loves Hays County." -Kathy Bridges

"Because of his outstanding leadership, his great vision, his dedication to hard work, and for his love for our community, our state, and for our country." -Paul Starr

"I’ve seen Will work really hard for Hays County and is like that to continue. I think he has the right vision for the growth in our county. He’s not perfect, but he works hard for Hays County." -Charmaine Wilde

Additional Endorsements

Alan Gilley

Bernice Valdez

buck baccus

Daniel Guerrero

Darrell Hill

Fred Barnard

Gary Cutler

Glenda Wilcox

Jeff Eichelberger

Joe Malone

Laura Fergeson

Linda Webb

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Nancy Stevens

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